App keeps defaulting my tasks to "Recently Assigned"

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: when I open the app I organize the takes to be sorted by due date. However , when I go to another app and come to Asana it automatically moves back to “recently assigned” order.

… But I want it to stay on what I selected. In fact, I want the default to be in order of due date all the time unless I choose otherwise.

Steps to reproduce: just open the app, organiW tasks by due date, go to another app on your android, then go back to Asana and go to takes. It will rearrange in front of your eyes.

Browser version: android - pixel 3

Upload screenshots below:

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If you sort by due date in the web app and then use the overflow menu to Save layout as default it will make it the default for both the web app and the mobile app.



Thanks Larry!

Can you expand on how to do the following:
“overflow menu to Save layout as default”

It’s at the top right corner of the web app My Tasks page:


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Awesome, thank you!