Android app: remember My Tasks sort order preference


On desktop, once I switched the sort order for My Tasks to “tasks by due date”, it’s always stayed that way. Great! But using the Android app, each time I open the app I have to switch the sort order from the default “incomplete tasks” to “tasks by due date”. Please consider having the app remember settings like these. I conserve battery life by closing apps when not in use, so I would prefer not to solve this problem by keeping the app open 24/7. Thanks!


I second the feature request, and I would also love to be able to specify the default home screen for the app – My Tasks, Inbox, Projects, Conversations, or most importantly, a specific project. Most of my time in Asana is spent in one project (an editorial calendar), so I usually skip over My Tasks to go there whenever I open the app.

Regarding battery life, @Andy, you should read this:


Wow, I had no idea closing apps doesn’t help save energy. I may still do it though… to preserve some good work/life balance. :wink: