Iphone App - My Tasks - sort by project missing?


I like to sort my tasks by project on desktop, it compartmentalizes things for me which I like. When using the app on my iPhone, I notice the only options are the following: incomplete tasks, tasks by due date, completed tasks and all tasks.

Any ideas on why this is?


@Rich_Lamendola Some of the things in the mobile app aren’t quite the same as in the main desktop app. Our team is working toward mobile parity with the main app, actually. I recommend keeping up with mobile updates on the blog. Here’s the most recent one: :slight_smile:


Just putting in my 2 cents here. This missing feature is the only reason I don’t use your mobile app.


I would definitely use the iOS app more if this was included, please add it! :slight_smile:


It would be great to have this. Currently, I can’t do what I need quick enough in the app.


Sorry here to be causing trouble here, @Alexis. I think we all agree to be out in the world relying on our mobile devices to click the My Tasks button on the App and not be able to sort by project just does not add any value to that as an efficiency tool for Asana. Maybe you can get this some attention?


Hey @Rich_Lamendola! Please take a look at this thread for more information on my and the Community’s role in product feedback. :sparkles:


Same request here, but for Android.


This tool would be useful for me as well when organizing tasks


Android user here, this feature is one of my most used on desktop!


Feature parity with the android app would be nice to have, and this is the most glaring omission.


I agree. I would very much like to be able to sort my tasks by project in the iOS app.


Would be useful on android as well.


This would be useful


An IOS APP with that functionality would be a relief.


I would definitely use this option.


I Would love this feature. My Job involves a lot of projects, and manually sorting through them on my phone slows me down.


There definitely needs to be some kind of sorting and filtering available here – if you have lots of tasks from different projects its hard to tell what is for what. Also it’d be nice to see here or on another tab tasks you’re following or favorited.


I agree with the community here – the ability to filter and sort tasks by any other view makes it difficult to organize and prioritize tasks. Would be great to view and sort on the go.


Just go the new iPad Pro and was excited to use Asana in it. But this missing feature make my lists in my boards over wheeling to look at. It’s critial. When will this be available. Really surprise this is missing. :frowning: