Re iOS Viewing Options


I’ve gone to the Asana guide for this, but am baffled.
Within Asana desktop I sort my view by Project (it is my default).
But within Asana iOS I cannot sort by Project. In fact, I cannot sort at all. It only says "List."
The Asana guide SHOWS an image for iOS that says “Sort,” but this is not available at all on my phone.

Anyone else have Sort not just List? I’ve checked and I have the most recent update of Asana on my phone. I’m baffled.

Relatedly: is there anywhere I can find a cheat sheet of “what iOs can do” vs “what full desktop can do” so I can save time trying to do something on my phone that’s not possible, e.g. “Copy tasks.”



Hi @hafidha ! We don’t currently have a “cheat sheet” of mobile vs. desktop. However, I think we can make progress on your questions!

There isn’t a specific “sort by project” function, but Asana mobile does have sort capabilities. When you’re in “My Tasks” on mobile, drag the page down from the top. It will look like you’re pulling the task list down and you’ll see the words “Incomplete tasks” in blue with a little drop down arrow. Click on “Incomplete tasks” and you’ll have the option to sort a few different ways. You can do this within individual projects, as well.

In addition, you may find it helpful to search for different projects in the “Projects” section of the mobile app. I also like to favorite the projects I use most so I can access them easily. Lastly, another tip is to use naming conventions like “CS” in front of all projects for the customer success team (ex. CS Q4 Roadmap) or AC in front of all projects for accounting (ex. AC Project Index). This makes searching and sorting much easier.


Thanks @alexis. The mobile allows me to “view” incomplete, complete, or all tasks; or tasks by due date. But I really wanted to view my tasks by project. It sounds like there is some kind of discrepancy between what is in the video and what iOS can do so at least I am not looking for a sort option that isn’t there. Thanks for your response.


@hafidha this may be a question for the support team. We definitely want you to have a productive experience on mobile, so I suggest you file a ticket and hopefully our support team will be able to give you more customized support and guidance on the issue. I encourage you to send screenshots if you can. :slight_smile:


Oh, this makes me so sad.

The screen shot on the right, from the ios help page ( shows that you can sort your tasks by priority on mobile. I guess Today, New and Upcoming are the priorities? But, I don’t see an option to set a priority for a task and I never see “Sort: Priority” in blue just under My Tasks at the top.

I can filter by complete or incomplete, like Alexis said, but I can’t sort. There is no option to sort in my mobile app (it’s the latest version). If I can’t sort, or view by priority OR project OR include the task name+sub task association, I have a random list of words that take 15 minutes to study before I know what I need to do.

Am I missing something? How can I sort by priority, as described in the Asana documentation?


It looks like those screenshots from the Guide are slightly out of date. I’ll make sure they get updated.

From any task list on iOS, swipe the screen down and you will see the sort and view options. By default, it is set to “Incomplete Tasks”. This is the same view that was previously called “Sort by Priority”, which is the default sort for Project Lists and My Tasks. You’ll see on our web app that this is now just called “Sort: None” (it also was previously called “sort by priority”).

It is currently only possible to move tasks within New, Today, and Upcoming sections on mobile by dragging tasks between sections. You can read more about this functionality on the web here on our guide: