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Once you have added new projects under the All Task List in Asana, how do you order the list view Alphabeltically? There does not appear to be a way to order or sort the list, other than in the order it is created which is useless. HELP!

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Hi @stuart_canning, Welcome! I’m not sure if you’re using the mobile or desktop app, but you should be able to drag and drop your projects in any arrangement you choose. I’m not aware of a way of automatically sorting projects alphabetically.

@Emily_Roman @Marie

There are different sorting options in different view right now


My Tasks

Project List View

Why can’t we have consistent sorting options available in all the views.

In my last screenshot, Priority to % completion are custom fields. However, Due Date, Assignee, Likes, Alphabetical, Projects(only in Reports and My Tasks), can all be standard sorting options. That should also address @stuart_canning’s feedback.

Your thoughts?

@Vaibhav_Khatri It is true that we have different sorting options across different views and part of Asana. Custom fields for My Tasks and Reports are a little trickier to implement than in a simple project since there can technically be a lot more there than in projects, but we know this is a popular request, so this is definitely something we’re looking into.

@stuart_canning can you confirm what you mean by