Sorting Projects in the Projects List?

How can I alphabetically sort the Projects in the Projects List on the “Left Pane?”


You can’t, this is not yet possible.

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Hi @William_McMillan and thanks for reaching out! As @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, we don’t have yet an option allowing you to sort your sidebar alphabetically. I would recommend adding your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category Sort project list in the sidebar

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Under each of my teams, I have a long list of Projects/Customers. When a team member is looking for a project, Asana allows us to view the projects in tiles or lists, but sorting those tiles or lists in alphabetical order is NOT an option.
A sort option seems like the most obvious action. I have to look at every single project name to find the one that I want. It is one of the biggest time wasters. I would love to know when this issue will be fixed, i.e. adding a sort option.

This has been an issue for over TWO YEARS and it’s still not been added?
How could that be???

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