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I was wondering how you all get an list of all the projects your are the owner off. I might be missing something, but i can’t seem to find an automatic way of getting a list of projects that i am the owner of?

One way would be to add my projects to my dashboard, but 1) i manage a “company” dashboard from my dashboard, so that is not an option and 2) that is a bit manual, since you have to add projects by your self.

Does anybody have a smart way off doing getting this list? What am i missing?

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Sorting Projects in the Projects List?
Sort Projects in Sidebar

Hi @Peter_Skjoldager, my name is Todd and I’m a full-time consultant helping companies deploy and optimize Asana. What you brought up here is one of the top questions/complaints I get regarding project organization. (The other is being able to alphabetize the projects in the sidebar).

There isn’t a way to do this as it’s not a searchable field, and even if it were the search still doesn’t list out a bunch of matching projects…it allows you to select one project or view a bunch of tasks.

It seems the logical conclusion to remedy this if it were important enough is to add both a filter and sorting mechanism to the project sidebar. Basically things like:

  • Sort alphabetically
  • Sort by project due date
  • Sort by project color code status
  • Filter by project owner
  • Filter by projects including tasks I’m assigned
  • And so on

Could potentially be a neat new feature someday.




Another way to work around this would be to run an advanced search and under “Add Filter”, select “People” > “In projects owned by…” and then input “Me”. When you run this search, you could then sort by Project to see the groups of tasks under the projects you own. The only caveat is that it will show other projects if some of the tasks also live in projects not owned by you.

We’ll also capture this feedback in the “Product Feedback” category to pass along to the team for future improvements. Thanks!


Sort / Collate Projects By Owner

+1 on this request. Would be really useful.

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