Easy sort projects in a Team

With the recent update to Asana’s sidebar, it has made sorting quite annoying. A few months ago, other users started this thread about sorting here. Ultimately, we really need an easier way to sort projects.

Currently, I have a Team that has a long list of projects. Ideally, we’d like to have all of the projects sorted alphabetically. Currently, we have to do this manually. Worse of all, when we need to sort newly added projects, it takes a lot of extra clicks. With the current system, in order to sort, we’d have to…

  1. Open up the Team
  2. Click on the Show More button multiple times and wait for the projects to slowly visibly appear. This is necessary, because we need to get to the bottom of a long list to find the newly added project
  3. Afterward, click and awkwardly drag the newly project to the correct place.

This user experience is miserable. With the old sidebar, it wasn’t ideal but manageable. The new sidebar makes sorting feel completely unwieldy. Can Asana add a much needed sorting feature?


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