iOS sorting for project list by alphabetical or manual like in desktop app

iOS sorting for project list by alphabetical or manual method like in desktop app is needed. If you use prefix for projects it is useful to have got list of project in HOME(all) screen with sorting via Alphabetical (or manual) way. For a desktop app it will be useful as well

Hi @Ivan_S1 , you can sort your projects in the sidebar by clicking on the … menu from the ‘Projects’ section in the sidebar.

Is that is what you are requesting here?

Hi, thanks for your support in Sunday. My focus is at iOS version first of all. Please click at HOME and then take a look at a list. At my screen you can see there is not sorting via Alphabetical or manual method of sorting:

But if you use name prefix it is comfortable to have automatic order for project list

And manual and Alphabetical order would be useful for starred project list as well

Hi @Ivan_S1 , thanks for the clarification! I understand and agree this would be useful, you have my vote!

By the way, I don’t work for Asana. I’m a volunteer forum leader, having a lazy Sunday :wink:
During the week, I’m busy consulting and training my clients on making the most out of Asana!