Custom sort project list?

I’ve just logged in this morning (5/10/22) to find that my project list is sorted alphabetically and no longer has the custom sorting that I setup. How do I get the desktop app back to where I can use custom sorting? I don’t want to be forced to use alphabetical sorting, I prefer to organize the projects via other criteria.

Two things could have happened:

  • Asana is testing something and now sorting projects (@Emily_Roman any idea?)
  • a colleague changed the order (there is no personal order, only a shared order)

Hi Bastien,

The projects are only used by me for onboarding new employees, and each project denotes one employee. I kept them sorted based off their status.

I used to be able to grab the project in the left hand pane and move it to wherever I wanted it, now when I do so it looks like I’m grabbing a URL and it has a green plus sign on it, like I’d be adding/moving it to a different team or segment.

Hi @Danny_Kilpatrick :wave:t3:

I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. Are you referring to projects under your “Favorite” projects, or projects under “Teams” you can see in the sidebar?

  2. I believe you’re experiencing the issue on the Desktop app, correct? If so, can you log into the web version and let me know if you’re having the same issue there?

Looking forward to your reply!

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I am having the same issue with projects being listed alphabetically in the Projects sidebar. It’s a problem for me on Chrome and with the Desktop App for Mac.

I am only having the issue with a new trial account I set up, not with my legacy paid account I still have (on the old legacy account I can still rearrange the project list any way I like).

I should add, when I try to rearrange the project list, I get a plus sign beneath the cursor arrow with the project name and a web address underneath (rather than the sorting line you normally get).

Exactly what I was getting as well. Unable to do any follow up as I’m out of the office until Monday, but can confirm this behavior to be the same as mine.

Seems to be a bigger drag and drop issue - i also can’t reorder tasks in a project (in Chrome or Mac Desktop App)

Forget what I said about reordering tasks - I had Sort by Due Date selected…original problem with arranging projects in side panel still applies.

My issue resolved itself this morning. I didn’t change anything over the last few days (was out of the office from Wednesday till now) so I guess I’m all solved. Sorry for the apparent false alarm!