In "my tasks" when sorted by due date, please make headers for “today, tomorrow, Wednesday” etc



I would like to request that for the “my tasks” view sorted by due date, you please add headers for “today, tomorrow, Wednesday” etc. It’s a bit confusing to see every single to do I have in one long list, even if they are sorted by due date. It would be much easier to read/process if the list was broken out so I can see specifically with one glance “what do I have to do today? And tomorrow?”

Thanks so much!


Suggestion for a short term fix: You can add sections to ‘My Tasks’ and drag the tasks into the correct sections. (It won’t automatically sort your tasks.) I do this - it definitely makes a difference to my task management, and is much less overwhelming than a single long list.

I find that for it to work best, I need to spend a minute or two each morning checking my tasks are in the right section. But it saves me much more time throughout the day than it takes up.


That’s an interesting work around. Though I know I definitely can’t convince all of our team members to spend time every day sorting their tasks like that. So some kind of automatic sorting into “today, tomorrow, next day” categories for “my tasks” would be much appreciated!


Update: Now that I’ve dowloaded the Asana mobile app, I see that they do automatically sort tasks under headings for “today, tomorrow, etc.” in the calendar view. I LOVE this! Anyway to bring this to the desktop version as well? Thank you!


The mobile app calendar feature is perfect for automatic task organization. This really needs to be in the browser version – currently it is extremely cumbersome to see what is happening when you have many tasks and many have start-due dat ranges.

It seems dump to have to use my phone as the best way to see what I have to do and then the browser as the best way to manage the tasks themselves.