Organization of My Tasks: board and/or two layer sorting?


I’m trying to figure out how to better organize my My Tasks page. I have a LOT of tasks across lots of different projects. Sorting the tasks by due date is what I do now, and it is almost–but not quite–what would be perfect for me.

Ideally, I’d like to split my tasks into a few particular categories (for example: in progress, going to work on today, waiting on a reply from someone, going to work on later this week, etc.) AND have the tasks sorted by due date within each of these categories.

I can do the first part (using sections), but I’m not able to sort by date within those sections.
I can sort by date overall, but them I can’t use the sections.

Any idea how I can set this up? I’ve thought about creating a new project as a board, which would be great, except that then I need to add every single task to that project, and I’m worried about certain tasks slipping through the cracks and not being properly tagged to that project.


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Hi Zachary,

As far as I know this is not possible.
I am using the My Task version with sections. Every morning I invest 5 minutes to shift the task due today to the appropriate section, all the rest is in Upcoming or Later. So you are not distracted by future tasks… if you need more context you can always go to the appropriate project.

From my point of view if you do this it is enough and you do not use a second layer for due date, since you should not have more than 20 tasks a day, if you assign every small subtask to yourself you might have more. Moreover, you usually only have the tasks due today or tomorrow in your Today section.



Hi @Zachary_Goldman - I also suggest you take a look at this existing conversation about My Tasks and do a cursory Community search for conversations about My Tasks. (See Search icon at the top right.)

I’m confident that between Sebastian’s suggestion and the others in the Community you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you!

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Hi Zachary, I suggest you use the grid view in Bridge24 for Asana. You can filter by projects + sections + due dates, and see exactly the tasks you want. Let me know if this works for you.


Thank you @Daniel_Raymond. This looks like just what I’m looking for!!


Hi there. Day 1 for me for Asana. In Outlook Tasks I could do multi-level sorting: say by due date, then by task name, then by priority / flag…that sort of thing. How can I do a multi level sorting of tasks in Asana please? Apologies if I’m crossing over old answers but could not work it out. Thanks!

Hi @Steve_Hastings,

Asana lets you sort things based on a few simple choices they offer. And sub-sorting that’s done appears to be handled by them. Where you are in Asana (e.g., My Tasks, a project list, a report, etc.) also tends to affect the need for a sort. I don’t think what you’re asking for exists.

Having experience using Asana for awhile, however, I rarely find a need to sort as I manage the order of my tasks at a personal level (My Tasks) by dragging them into categories and ordering them how I plan to work through them, and likewise at the team level (organizing my team’s backlog by priority). We have developed processes for dealing with new tasks to prioritize and work them.

Everyone works differently though, so there are still other options (some mentioned earlier in the thread) as well as the option to export your tasks to a spreadsheet and play with sorting and filters there. I can’t offer much advice there because the way my team works doesn’t really require it. I’ve seen posts in the past on exporting and importing data and there are people around that know a lot about it.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Hi Ryan. Thank you very much for that advice. You make some great points. Thanks, Steve

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Can we have the ability to add in Rule to the My Tasks which can simply then move to another project (ie, My Personal Stuff) and then I can administer from there??? Seems weird that you can’t do this