Save view in MyTask

Would like to be able to save the “Due Date” sorting in “My Tasks”. Have to sort it many times a day. Only has to apply to my user.

People request that a lot it seems. I’ve heard it internally from coworkers and have seen it here on the community. There’s a workaround to get that view in your reports if you can do Advanced Searches.

Search for Tasks assigned to you that are Incomplete:

Then click “Save Report” to save the search and make it a report:


Once you’ve saved it, rename it:

And it’ll be over in your reports section:

And you can then sort it by Due Date with the Change View control:

This order will stay set to whatever you had it set to last, so it’s not actually saved for the report but just remembers the last setting.

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What about using the “save view for everyone” in my Tasks?
Do not trust the label, it only applies to you (only in my tasks, elsewhere the label is correct)


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Thx for this workaround! However, I’ll be using the “Save view for everyone” since @Bastien_Siebman just informed us that it does not apply to everyone.

Thx! Good to know it’s not applying to everyone.

The button label is very misleading in this case.

Marking this thread as resolved since we do have an option to “save the view for everyone” in My Tasks. One correction though: the view you apply for your My Tasks will be saved for everyone; so if you choose to order your My Tasks by due date and save this view, people visiting your My Tasks will get the same view! However it is usually not a problem since your colleagues will still be able to modify the view for themselves if they need to! More info:

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