Customize default view for others My Tasks?

I spend a lot of my time managing other people’s tasks. To do this, I generally load their profile to see what’s been assigned to them in a list view. My preferred way of viewing the list is to sort it by projects.

My question is, is there a way to make this the default view for me? I’d like the profile view to load already sorted by projects rather than having to click the sort button every time. I see that the Project view has the ability to save a specific view as the default view but I don’t see a similar function for the profile view.

Great question, @McBenney!

With My Tasks Membership, you are able to customise your sort view of the users My Tasks but this won’t affect how they view their My Tasks! :tada:

You will need to request access to the users My Tasks before you can do this. See the steps here to do so:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca. I’ve been granted access to manage another user’s task. By default this new view appears to be organized by “Recently Assigned,” “Do Today,” “Do Next Week,” etc.

I can still manually sort the user’s list by Projects which is my preferred view but I still do not see anyway to save that view as my default view. The next time I load that user’s tasks it reverts back to the original organization described above and I have to manually click the sort by project option.

I got a reply directly from Asana’s support robot saying that creating a persistent customized view of a member’s task view isn’t possible. Too bad.

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