"Save default view just for just me" Option for Projects

I think it would be very helpful to add a “Save view for just me” option in the “Change view” pop-up menu when it comes to working in projects.

Sometimes, the sorting/grouping options that Person X would find useful for a given project are different from what Person Y prefers. And having to manually change the view settings for a project each time you open it is cumbersome and inefficient.

I personally enjoy seeing all items on my to do lists, what I’ve done and what I need to do. I wish there was a way to set my account to default “view all tasks” instead of having to select that every time I go to a new project’s list. I love the idea of customizing it to just see what’s left to do or only see what has been accomplished, but like I said, I wish I could pick my own default option for what works for me most often.

When changing the view you can click “Save for everyone” and that will stay this way. Did you find it?

Is there an option to save the view just for one user instead of saving for everyone?

There is a weird trick about this if I recall, @Caisha weren’t you the one talking about this recently? Doesn’t the “everyone” actually stands for “me”?

Haha yes, the option that plagued me for months because I didn’t understand it! Technically, the ‘Save for Everyone’ view has two uses:

  • In projects
  • My tasks

If you select ‘save for everyone’ in projects (like you want it to default to the calendar view), this applies to everyone. There is no way to save views in projects for certain people @Aron_Berger.

However, for my tasks , if you ‘Save for everyone’, you’re saying that anyone who looks at your task list specifically will see it like that. Instead of, like I thought, forcing everyone’s my task default sort to be the same as yours.

Also I’m moving this to the product feedback section and adjusting the title a little @Emily_Sorensen as I think the feature request is something to be considered (customizing views per person). Be sure to vote if you’re interested in it!


Looks to me like a bug, isn’t it? Having “save for everyone” in My Tasks… Thanks Caisha!

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When working in Boards, I’d like the ability to “Save View for Myself” eg I use filter by an assignee in board view however filter back to default after changing the project.

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I have a few different projects that I switch between throughout the day, as I’m sure many do.

My biggest frustration with Asana has been that when switching between projects, there is no way to save a particular view setting (calendar, sorted by assignee, sorted by due date, etc.). I would love this website so much more if I could just save these simple preferences so I don’t have to change it every single time I switch between projects!

Hi @Ian1099 :wave:t4:

Welcome to the Forum, thank you for posting your valuable feedback.

Please note that if there’s a specific way you and your Team prefer to sort tasks in a list view project, you can save it as the default view for everyone.

To set a default view:

  1. Click the View Settings filter icon
  2. Select Save View for Everyone

Once a default view has been set, you will see it every time you access that project.

Also, please do note that anyone who has access to a project can set the default view.

Learn more here: https://asana.com/guide/help/views/basics

Hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,

Cathya :blush:

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That is helpful, I didn’t know about that feature. Thank you!

However, I think it still would be helpful to have an option to save just for yourself.


Thanks for the reply, I’m glad I was able to share this info with you.

And agreed, I also think it would be awesome to have the option to control your own settings for your personal view too!

Take care @Ian1099 :blush:

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Yes, we need to be able to save a view based on our own desired settings. This is even more true now with the new header that allows us to set filters. For example, if I want to only see my tasks in a project, why should I have to pick “Just My Tasks” each time I visit that project. And I can’t save the view for everyone, as then everyone is seeing just my tasks. This really should be a user by user setting. I feel like all I do is go to pages and set the focus.

It’s bad enough when I want to focus just to my tasks, but it’s even worse when I want to focus to a specific team’s tasks. While the new filter system allows me to filter (which is awesome BTW), not being able to save it, means I have to change it every screen I go to.

Here’s what I would do. Create a 3 mode system. [default] [saved] [override] Basically it would work like this:
Default - This would show the view based on “save for everyone”
Saved - This would show your personal saved view for this project
Override - This would use whatever current settings you have turned on for the current project you are in, and apply them to any project you move to. This way, if you needed to spot check for something across projects, you don’t have to worry about the view changing, it would stay the same no matter which project you move to.

I think the modes would be global… meaning if I pick “default” whatever projects I navigate to, they will be in the default mode. If I change the mode to “saved” then no matter which projects I move to, it will show me my saved look for that project. If I don’t have a saved look it will show me the default. And if I go with the override mode, it will stay on override no matter which project I go to. And the extra good thing about override… it will make it easier to save consistent views for projects. So if I like a specific type of view and I want to apply it to 5 out of my 20 projects. I can set my view, turn on override, and then go to each project (of the 5) and save my view. Thus those will become saved views.

I rambled a bit here, sorry… But hopefully you see the value in what I’m trying to accomplish.


Well, it is technically saving for everyone because anyone who views that person’s My Tasks will see it in the same format. It’s just not that common to view other people’s My Tasks by either clicking on a person in the sidebar or searching for them in the search bar.

But I like the option of saving views just for yourself and not everyone. That’s common where one person wants to see things in a calendar format, for example, but others want the list view.

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Filtering the board to a user is very useful, but it affects the whole team and not just the logged in user.

Can we allow each user in the team to specify their own, different filter please?


Welcome to the Forum @John_Henney and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I’m merging your post with an existing thread we have regarding this topic to consolidate feedback. Please don’t forget to upvote it!

Have a great week!

Something along these lines would be very helpful! We also have a number of projects with different fields that we use as summary information. Depending on the purpose of that field, it would be very helpful to just have a saved view that is “MakeFields x,y,z visible”, and be able to switch back and forth.

My current workaround is using a filtered search. While close to being the solution, it appears using the “any value” for a field requires all fields to be completely filled out, not just left blank. Small issue, but I could see a lot of extensibility to something like a general “saved view” in each project.

So I know there is a “Save for Everyone” option when setting specific views, which is great for certain things. But is there any way to save a default view for just me specifically? I’ve already talked to a few people on my team, and we have different preferences for how we view tasks, so default for everyone isn’t that helpful. Any suggestions?

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Hi @scrysler, I’m afraid that’s not possible at the moment, although I can certainly understand how useful when people with different preferences collaborate on a same project. I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback category to allow other people to vote for your feature request too!


Thank you! That’s good to know. I’ll try to figure out a work-around in the mean time.