Adaptive Project Views

In Now rolling out to Asana users - our new project header! new appearance for project header and List View Toolbar announced. While being good step overall, the rigidness of set of project views is not convenient. While some users/projects are focused on specific set of views, other users/projects focus around others.

I’d propose to set up some “usage monitoring” for views, and if some of the views is frequented by Project users, to promote it to come out of More… menu into primary views. This behavior can be personalized at least for the user herself (the one who is picking view from More… menu). But if some of the views is more popular then the others on average for all project users, why not to promote it out of More… menu for all users.

Additionally number if views to show (4, 5, 6 or 7) is again a question of popularity. I.e. if there is big diversity in views used, why not to show more of then, and not to limit with 5. And similarly if there is project with List-only use, why to show Calendar and Timeline, if no one uses them.