Now rolling out to Asana users - our new project header!

Good morning! My name’s Jocey and I’m a product manager here at Asana.

I’m excited to announce that, starting today, we are rolling out a new project header to Asana users.

Over the next few weeks, you will start to see updates to the way information is displayed in the header of your projects - with more visible controls for viewing, sorting, and filtering tasks, adding custom fields, and viewing project activity. We’ve also simplified the tabs in your project header by highlighting the most frequently used tabs and putting additional options, like conversations, progress view, and files view into a “more” menu. For more info on exactly what is changing, check out the Asana Guide.

Our team is working on making updates to Asana that make it easier for all users to access the projects, views, and information that’s most important to them, starting with this change to the project header. We hope these changes will help you more easily access the controls and views of your projects that are most important to you – so you can spend less time navigating to where your work is, and more time getting it done!


Hi @Jocey_Karlan I might be jumping the gun here… But I have just checked and whilst I have all the options and updates as noted in teh Asana Guide I don’t have the “Filtering Tasks” option as per below screenshot.



Hi @Jason_Woods :wave:t3:

Filtering on List project is on the way and we’re hoping to roll it out very soon; I’ll make sure to post an update as soon as it’s out!


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Thanks for the update @Marie.


Filtering looks really neat!


This looks great! Simplified filtering will be a much-appreciated feature for my team.


Hi @Jocey_Karlan,
Our team accesses and uses project Conversations frequently. Now there is an extra step to view a Project Conversation because it has been moved to the “More” menu. Can we rearrange the tabs for what our team uses most frequently? Thanks!


Do I have to re-load or do something to see these new features?

@Priya_Partridge - try reloading to see if that works, if it doesn’t it might mean that you don’t have it yet. Asana normally progressively rolls these changes out…


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Our team also uses project Conversations heavily (in fact, we may even use them more than the “List” view)! It will be a shame to have this tab hidden away.


Meh ok. Thanks, looks like I’ll have to wait for the update to roll over me and my team. :face_with_monocle:


Same thing for my team that uses the progressions every week on many projects. From an aesthetic point of view it makes the page less loaded but it will be more annoying to have to make the extra clicks rather than having some unused tabs … :confused:

A few months ago the dashboards have disappeared. Now the tab status becomes hidden … Except to evolve towards Business, these changes do not facilitate the follow-up of the projects …:confused:

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Hi @Michele_Lewis, @Christina_Majoinen and @Julien_RENAUD

Thanks for sharing your feedback and sincere apologies for the inconvenience; I’ll make sure to escalate this pain point to our team so hopefully we can come up with a solution in the future (maybe a shortcut?)

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I am finding it very odd that the Header for my Organisation is still the old version, yet for my Workspaces (I have a couple) they are on the new header. Seems a little strange!

Hi @Ruth_Newnham, we’re rolling this update out gradually by domain (Org/WS), which explains why you might have this new head in a space and not in the other :slight_smile:

Is there any update on when filtering will be available for calendar view? That’s an essential feature to use Asana for most marketing functions like content calendars, social media, campaign planning, etc.


Hi @kbuchanio :wave:t3:

We’ve just started rolling it out new filtering options for List projects! We haven’t planned yet to bring it Calendar, but this is definitely a good feedback for future Calendar improvements, I would highly recommend you to create at thread in the #productfeedback for our team to consider it in the future!

Hope this helps! Have a great Friday!

cc @Jason_Woods :slight_smile:

Hi ! Is this available only in a few markets (can’t find it on FR version ?)
thanks :slight_smile: