Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently

Just installed today, works fine in List and Board views! Well done!

@Lawrence_Han — A little over a year later and I’m still missing this feature daily (despite using the plugin quite a lot).

If this feature is now truly shelved, :wastebasket: could I ask (on behalf of the community) what the positive design considerations were behind its removal?

Was is to simplify the UI, or perhaps to put a brake on a type management style that Asana didn’t want to encourage?

For my team, it realistically means that completed deliverables can now more easily go unchecked. They can be marked as complete by the assignee and more easily be missed when a manager reviews a week’s work. As you can imagine, this can lead to acute problems much further down the line when the error becomes visible again.

I’m sure this kind of obfuscation wasn’t the design aim… but as an IxD/UI/UX chap myself (like a few in this thread), it would be great to know what was.

Was the removal perhaps to nudge users towards the paid Portfolios feature? Whilst being a bit frustrating, that rationale or similar is at least a little more understandable (e.g. GitLab has removed some previously free features when revising their plans); harder to be open about I guess too though! :smirk:

Apart from this feature though, many thanks for a great product.

Cheers, Francis


+1 on this… Asana’s new UI update has broken the extension too :confused:

@Vaughan_Rouesnel, is there any chance to restore the functionality via extension update or Asana removed functionality from backend?

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It still works for me. Thankfully.

Since there is new Project Header/toolbar implemented (see Now rolling out to Asana users - our new project header!) I’d filed alternative proposal to restore this feature in new UI at Custom Completed Recenty Tasks subset.

Please vote there as well.

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There is a new design for the project header/toolbar. I will update the Recently Completed Chrome Extension shortly.

Just wanting this functionality back in Asana.

@Vaughan_Rouesnel Also, seeing if Vaughan knows when the plugin will be updated. Thanks Vaughan.

Hi Alexis, I’ve read through pretty much this whole thread and I completely agree with the consensus that being able to have a view that shows incomplete and recently complete at the same time is a real benefit for a number of different project management styles and applications.

I was looking for this feature this morning and going to add it as a suggestion when I couldn’t find it so I was really surprised to find that it was an existing feature that has been removed. What was the logic behind the decision for it to go?


I’m not sure if this was rolled out at different times - in the desktop view I was able to see incomplete and completed today tasks up until the most recent update. I’m really disappointed that this functionality is gone since it was central to how I use my to-do list and makes Asana much less useful.

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That shows every task I’ve ever closed on this project, not just the ones I closed today. I’d like the completed tasks to disappear after a day (like they used to) so that I can still see them when I’m reviewing what I’ve accomplished while still seeing what’s left to do.

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Sorry @Becca2, I misunderstood your question; deleted by response.

@Vaughan: Your plugin seems to work:

But I am not able to show BOTH all unfinished tasks and all recently finished tasks. Is this somehow possible in the new design?

I too would like to see ability to see recently completed tasks with open tasks restored. And now with @Vaughan_Rouesnel extensiton being broken Asana is become less useful to me.


Any update on this?

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I’d also love to see an update on this? We need this to keep on using Asana or will have to find another tool due to the way our sprint planning is now done.

Hello Asana Team,

I have used Asana a lot in the past, here and there for 7 years, and have recommended it often. I think it’s a great product.

For the last 5 years I’ve been mostly using Jira for heavy projects (out of my control), and just came back to start using Asana heavily. Unfortunately there are two major problems:

  1. Still no Markdown support (I posted on that feature thread).
  2. And now, this view recently completed tasks feature has been removed.

I’m concerned as this is a very useful feature for any ongoing projects, like a Weekly Meeting project (or a persistent Sprint project instead of needing to create a new sprint project each sprint). I don’t know if our workflows will work here anymore…

And there were Crickets… We downgraded our license primarily because of the missing view options for Tasks Completed recently and are now considering alternatives to Asana. Been using the product for years so it is going to be painful but at this point we have no choice.