My Tasks View - Why is it only showing certain tasks now?

I have been using Asana for several years and this week my “My Tasks” view isn’t working like it used to. Before I would click on there and it would show all past due, due today and future to-do by date. Now I’m only seeing a few tasks, not all the tasks. I have to go into each project to see what is past due or due today.

Did I put some filter on I don’t know about? How do I get it back to how it was working before?

The only filters in My Tasks are:

  • For Incomplete/Completed/All Tasks (drop down in upper right corner)
  • De facto filter - it only shows tasks assigned to You

So if you’re sure you have a task assigned to You that is Incomplete, and you select Incomplete in My Tasks and you don’t see the task in ANY section, then you may have a bug. If this is the case, I would recommend adding screenshots detailing the problem.

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