Custom Tasks Completion project listing display filter (Incomplete with Recenty Completed)

For the projects with Completed Recently since customization (see Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently) there is “Custom” subset specified in Project List view toolbar.


It would be great to be able to restore the “subset” filtering capability with Completed recently option. This was quite good UI-wise implemented in “Filter” menu with “Quick filters/Custom Filter” options.

EDIT (2020-11-03): My explanation was quite clear a year ago, when Asana removed the functionality from UI but left at backend level and there was working Chrome extension that made it possible to turn functionality back on. It is not that easy now. This I’m detailing it below.

There are a lot of cases, when one would like to see Incomplete tasks with recently completed ones (i.e. for tasks to stay for a day, week or two after completion before being removed from the list). Asana UI for projects that had this feature configured displays (v) Custom mode of filtering, but that mode is not possible to configure via Asana UI yet.

This feature request is to return capability to see Recently Complete subset of complete tasks alongside incomplete ones in a single project listing view. The way to introduce it would be “Custom” mode for “Completion” filter, like on the screenshot above.

This task is actually a duplicate of Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently

Sadly Asana seem to have closed the other request despite it having many more votes, and there is also far less discussion and background on this task.

Im not sure why Asana are refusing to implement this feature as it is not hugely complex, and I certainly can’t work out why Asana have closed the other request as it MOST CERTAINLY isn’t complete!!!

Hi Alexis, I’ve read through pretty much this whole thread and I completely agree with the consensus that being able to have a view that shows incomplete and recently complete at the same time is a real benefit for a number of different project management styles and applications.

I was looking for this feature this morning and going to add it as a suggestion when I couldn’t find it so I was really surprised to find that it was an existing feature that has been removed. What was the logic behind the decision for it to go?


I’m not sure if this was rolled out at different times - in the desktop view I was able to see incomplete and completed today tasks up until the most recent update. I’m really disappointed that this functionality is gone since it was central to how I use my to-do list and makes Asana much less useful.

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@Vaughan: Your plugin seems to work:

But I am not able to show BOTH all unfinished tasks and all recently finished tasks. Is this somehow possible in the new design?

I too would like to see ability to see recently completed tasks with open tasks restored. And now with @Vaughan_Rouesnel extensiton being broken Asana is become less useful to me.


Hi. In projects, (and the new myTasks feature) i would like to see the option to display incomplete tasks and recently completed tasks (eg completed today etc). This allows a visual sense of achievement as you complete tasks throughout the day.

This used to be possible. Why was this removed Asana? Seriously what is it with you guys? Why do you refuse to add better filters and remove existing good ones. The mind boggles.