Bring back the "My Incomplete Tasks" Quick Filter in projects

Until recently, this menu on projects had an option to filter the project list to just incomplete tasks assigned to yourself with a single click. Can you please restore it?



Hello @Robert_Reinhard, have a look here as some Quick Filters are back:


Thanks for the quick reply, and that’s close, but I’d also like to see the old option to filter to just my incomplete tasks.


It used to be that when I was viewing incomplete tasks I could click “Just My Tasks” and see my incomplete tasks. With the new Quick Filters when I click “Just My Tasks” I now see all my tasks, including completed ones.

I think it is reasonable for there to be a way to see just my incomplete tasks with a single click once I go to a project page. Can that functionality be restored?


In the meantime, I made a little Chrome bookmarklet that I’m running on my project pages to automate clicks on the filtering controls to quickly filter by my incomplete tasks, sorted by status: GitHub - BKWLD/my-incomplete-asana-tasks: A self executing JS function that filters a project to the incomplete tasks assigned to you, sorted by status..

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I second this.

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This is the filter I need/want the most. It was so usefull. Please bring it back !!!

This sounds like a great work around, but I guess for those of us who prefer to use the desktop app, it doesn’t apply :frowning: