Custom field links

It would be nice if the Custom Fields had an option for links. We have a custom field for pull requests and I have to copy paste the text instead of just clicking the link

This would greatly improve my team’s workflow as well!

Yes. We would like that too.
Now we use text field for urls and the right click to open the link.

I created a custom field to link to GitHub. It would be really nice to be able to click that (both in the list view and the details view of the task).

As it is, it might be better to just leave a comment on a task or update the description since those get clickable links.

One of the custom fields we use is a link to the github PR. Asana already detects urls in the task description, it would be nice if it also detected in a custom field

Is there a way to make links added to custom fields active?

We have mandatory custom fields where we add JIRA links. It would be great if instead of having to copy and paste, all links added to a custom field were active.


@clarissa.murphy at this time this functionality is not available but we appreciate the feedback! Thanks.

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@Alexis is there another thread within the community that acts as a feature request log or card for this functionality? As in, a place to up-vote this for consideration in a future update?

This is a particularly frustrating one because custom fields being plain-text-only, effective breaks the “default” functionality of pasting links or using hyper-text everywhere else in the platform. 2 steps backwards…


Hi @pbiolsi - we don’t yet have an upvote system for feature requests. Thanks for letting us know this is something you’d find useful!


Much needed. Live links to internal drive would be AWESOME. Right now pastes as text only.

Don’t forget to vote at the top of the thread!


It appears you guys have added a vote feature since the last time we spoke on this — awesome! Will this be used as a mechanism for effectively queueing feature requests (a la Trello cards)?

Hello! Here’s a detailed explanation of how we engage with your product feedback

This is a must-have!

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We have several processes such as submitted papers or abstracts to conferences where we need to provide

  • the urls to the source files (github or google drive or whatever you use)
  • the url of the post to the news about acceptance of the paper or conference
  • the url of the conference or journal

text custom fields recognize url automatically would definitely help a lot and avoid having to copy-paste all the time.

It would be a huge time saver if Asana would recognize a URL in Custom Fields and allow it to be clickable. Currently, our team has to do a ton of copy and pasting. Big thumbs up if this could be added to the road map.


A plea from one Asana-lover to the rest of y’all… share this request with your colleagues to get those votes up! Need to get some traction on this feature from Asana since it’s stalled out a bit.

This finally available. URL is not clickable, but Custom Field that Asana can recognize as URL (email), gains “open link” icon that opens the entered URL when clicked.

This applies for custom fields displayed in project listing as well:
screen fragment

This has been discussed in New: You can now use links in custom fields! and announced in New for Asana’s custom fields: emojis, links, and more.

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Would definitely like to have that for my PR links as well!

On the mobile app there is no way to tap a hyperlink in a custom field. This makes it very hard to visit links because you have to first copy them into a browser. Is there a fix for this?