New: You can now use links in custom fields!

“What’s the link to that web page again?” is a question you’ve probably asked a teammate (more than once). But now you can track links in custom fields (make sure to use a text field), so you won’t have to.

Just enter the link into the text field so anyone can easily revisit the exact page without having to ask for it or go on a scavenger hunt for the URL. The best part? When you click a link from a custom field, the page will open in a new window.


From my testing it has to start with https:// and it is not exactly clickable but a clicking icon shows up off to the side to click. @Michael_A is that correctCustom%20Field%20Hyper%20Links


That’s correct @James_Carl!

You should have the “open link” icon appear to the right when inputting the whole URL (including the http://) :slight_smile:

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Great new feature

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Hi, I wanted to know if the option to @mention members in custom fields will be available someday? If I create a custom text field, I cannot @mention, but being able to do so would save time and avoid typos. On the other hand, has anyone requested the feature to create a custom drop-down field BUT with the ability to select not only one option but more options simultaneously? For example, I have a custom field called “Volunteers”, where I want to be able to select not only one volunteer from a drop-down menu but maybe three or four volunteers that will be assigned to a specific task, all at the same time. I know I could @mention all volunteers on the comments or task description, but throught a drop-down menu it would be much easier to follow, edit and see. Thanks!

Hey Santiago, I was looking for the same functionality and found a feature request for it. Couldn’t hurt to vote for it :slight_smile: