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Much needed. Live links to internal drive would be AWESOME. Right now pastes as text only.

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It appears you guys have added a vote feature since the last time we spoke on this — awesome! Will this be used as a mechanism for effectively queueing feature requests (a la Trello cards)?

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This is a must-have!

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We have several processes such as submitted papers or abstracts to conferences where we need to provide

  • the urls to the source files (github or google drive or whatever you use)
  • the url of the post to the news about acceptance of the paper or conference
  • the url of the conference or journal

text custom fields recognize url automatically would definitely help a lot and avoid having to copy-paste all the time.

It would be a huge time saver if Asana would recognize a URL in Custom Fields and allow it to be clickable. Currently, our team has to do a ton of copy and pasting. Big thumbs up if this could be added to the road map.


A plea from one Asana-lover to the rest of y’all… share this request with your colleagues to get those votes up! Need to get some traction on this feature from Asana since it’s stalled out a bit.

This finally available. URL is not clickable, but Custom Field that Asana can recognize as URL (email), gains “open link” icon that opens the entered URL when clicked.

This applies for custom fields displayed in project listing as well:
screen fragment

This has been discussed in New: You can now use links in custom fields! and announced in New for Asana’s custom fields: emojis, links, and more.

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Would definitely like to have that for my PR links as well!

On the mobile app there is no way to tap a hyperlink in a custom field. This makes it very hard to visit links because you have to first copy them into a browser. Is there a fix for this?

The same goes for a link in the description of a task. Very annoying.

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Hi @Chris_DiPillo and @Bastien_Siebman

This is also the case on the Web version, and we actually already have a #productfeedback on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Custom field links to avoid having duplicates! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update on this topic!

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Would be nice to be able to specify URL as a custom field type. Right now, if you use a text field and show it on a board view, the card has a little “http://” on it, which isn’t descriptive enough if you want to show multiple URL-containing text fields on a task. A URL field type would allow a name to be given to the URL, so that that for example: If you had a field for a JIRA link and one for HelpDesk link, the task card could show two clickable inks “JIRA” and “HelpDesk” instead of just “Http://” and “Http://”.

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Can you guys add an ability to add link custom fields. It only accepts text right now.

That would be great, especially with an option to use clear (human friendly) text along with a link. So instead of just displaying “$/anditgoeson.html”, be able to enter that URL and also “And It Goes On” as my clear text.

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Hi @John_Dulay and @Stephanie_Oberg and thank you so much for your feedback!

I just want to let you know that we already have a thread with this request so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic. I hope that’s OK.

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Hi everybody!

I’m closing this thread since you can now Track url’s links using Custom Fields :raised_hands:
For those interested in this feature, you can read more about it in this Guide article: How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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