@mention in Custom Fields

As titled really.

I was hoping for this functionality as part of the ‘links in custom fields’ work, especially as it aligns with so many of the ‘track projects in a project’ type suggestions and requests.

Would also make it easier to track who did what. For example, custom fields for who reviewed or performed each stage of a task. Particularly useful in a software development flow, at least until a ‘Person’ type custom field comes along.

I think I’m looking for the same thing :slight_smile: I’d love to be able to add a Custom Field for, say, Subject Matter Expert that allows me to perform a lookup of a user, similar to how the default “Assignee” field works.

I would also appreciate this functionality and be able to link to a related task or project without having to navigate to the description

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Asana has launched a people custom field :slight_smile: