Ability to insert hyperlinks

Would love the ability to insert hyperlinks in card tasks and descriptions.

You can already insert the website address itself and if you add “http://” in front of it you get a link, you want to add a link to a text right?


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Yes, sorry for the confusion. I want to add a link to a text so the link
doesn’t actually show.

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Hyperlink with anchor text in description and comments would be VERY helpful in keeping the section clean.


Oddly enough, you can add anchor text here, in the forum, but not in the actual product.


The forum is from Discourse, nothing to do with Asana :wink:


Yes, I didn’t think Asana wrote their own forum. Just saying it is odd to have functionality often asked in the forum, that the forum supports, yet Asana does not support it.

It is 2018 after all!


More so, apparently Asana knows how. If I copy a task URL and place it in Asana, it crates the anchor text from the task title.



This is clearly not a technical issue. My guess is either this is not a priority right now or they are unsure how to do this in a nice and easy to use manner.

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But they just released a new rich text format widget (see image) so that might come soon.

BUT they are doing it. Again, if I copy a task link, then insert that link ANYWHERE it automatically converts to a anchor text of the task title. The only thing needed is the BB code so we can do it.


See the comments on their Blog Post Rich text is here: Communicate clearly with formatted text, emojis, and more that mirror these here.

I sure would love to be able to add hyperlinks to the text inside of descriptions and comments. Seems like such a simple, basic feature. Is there some reason this isn’t already an option?


Hey @Casey_Crookston! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, I’m just merging it with to centralise all feedbacks regarding hyperlink. :slight_smile:

I use asana as a part of a team collaboration to build meal plans for a client. We need to be able to link text (say Chicken Salad Sandwiches) to a specific url where the recipe is so when we’re creating the meal plans we have access to that as well. I feel like there HAS to be a way to link text to a url vs just linking to files as uploads.

But I can’t figure it out. Help?


URLs in task/subtask descriptions (the free-text field under the task name) become hyperlinks. I believe Asana has noted a feature request to have URL type of Custom Field that would also be linkable.


One of the workarounds is having a task in Asana for every piece of external content. You can maintain “Recipe URLs” project and every time you want to link external recipe via URL add task to that project with URL in Description (already converted to clickable link). This will make you able to visit page in question with 2 clicks. Or you can use dedicated Custom field (URL type of Custom Field is not yet available but there is a chance that plain text will work for the time being) you’ll have more structured approach but have less usability since Custom Fields do not yet support hyperlinking.

Not long ago there was quite convenient @ widget that allowed in-line creation of the tasks with keyboard-only while having URL in clipboard with sequence similar to @ title Down Enter Tab+A Del Tab+P Recipe URLs Down Enter Tab+N PasteURL Tab Enter. But most recent Asana UI refresh eliminated the possibility, thus new sequence has more steps and requires mouse to be reliable:

  1. Tab+Q
  2. Tab+A Del - remove self as assignee (optional, if you don’t mind polluted My Tasks)
  3. Tab+P type project name (like Recipes URLs) Down Enter
  4. Tab type hyperlink text (most probably Recipe Title)
  5. Tab+N PasteURL
  6. Tab Enter
  7. With mouse promptly right-click hyperlinked text in notification in lower left corner of screen and copy URL of newly created “task” about Recipe
  8. Click whereever the hyperlink is to be embedded and paste the task hyperlink.

Wow. Thanks Myroslav for the detailed info on the work-around. This is quite painful, and a little dangerous if the links change. Also difficult to train the team how to do this. @Alexis I hope this is somewhere on the Asana roadmap!


We also need this feature badly! We are creating tasks programmatically with the API and have a lot of (long) links in the task description. We need a way to limit the length of these links while also being descriptive about their content. Emulating the standard anchor tag functionality would be ideal.


I know this isnt a full solution, but In the mean time you can use the goo.gl API as part of your workflow to shorten your links.