Ability to insert hyperlinks


This would be a game changer. Something akin to Google Drive’s CTRL+K shortcut to link subtask text would killer.

Looking at their code they’re using a for subtasks, which is probably why they haven’t created inline links yet. :frowning:


It seems a little crazy not to be able to hyperlink text, it’s been a basic function of the world wide web since the very beginning

Strangely you can do it in this comment box!, I’ve added the issue to the ‘UX Files’ here


We also need this feature for our work! Without being able to hyperlink text we have really hard-to-read descriptions in tasks and I worry that links will get broken or be mistyped/edited if they are just floating in a task.


Agreed - hyperlinking text would be really valuable. Please add this feature!


Merging the feedback here with an existing thread :scissors:
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Or at least don’t repeat the url when they are actually the same


And indeed both the label and the url are clickable links, so I see no point


Another log on this fire. … This feature is far too easy to implement. Please, please, for the sake of my team and all our future work, add it.


Adding to this thread to maybe emphasize the necessity of this feature since its been a over year since this thread had started and has seen no implementation


The inability to anchor a URL / change the describe text of a hyperlink is the main reason my team is not using Asana.

We have very long URL’s and need to be able to change the descriptive text.

It is in every other project management system I’ve used. I’m surprised that nothing had been done about this yet.

Please add this (normal default with WYSIWYG) feature.


What do you use instead? We just started testing Asana and the lack of this “HTTP 101” feature may be a deal killer.


We also just started testing Asana and see so much potential right out of the gate. I’m shocked to hear there is not hyperlinking available. Our current methods of project management using GSuite relies heavily on hyperlinks.


I think the feature request is quite clear. I just basically expect/want/need the same thing that Trello has, where you can add a link with text as an attachment. It helps to organize the task.