Ability to Add Link

When creating a task, having the ability to add a URL would be great. Perhaps the webpage in question, or a dropbox file, or another external resource.

hi @Getz_Pro
this is already possible.
when you paste a link it becomes a hyperkink.
This works in Description or comment section (not in task name section)

Yes, however, what I wanted was a dedicated section so a very long URL would not mess up the rest of the sentence structure.

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ok, We do use a custom field (Text) named “LINK” to keep track of our links.
If this can help.

I don’t see this when entering a task. It is none of the actions, nor in the More Actions. Please advise.

Do you have the premium version?
It’s a functionnality added when using Premium version.
See https://asana.com/fr/guide/help/premium/custom-fields

you have to be a premium member to add a link properly? Ok lol


I find it ironic that your community feedback page can accept Markdown, BBtext, and even provides a toolbar. So I can ask for a link in Asana USING a link in the feedback. But I can’t use a proper link in the tool. Come on… Asana does a thousand things well. Surely it can provide functionality that was built into the structure of the web 25 years ago.


I would also like the ability to add a Link like this as opposed to the current way, in which we can only add links like this: https://www.google.com/

Also, at the moment links only work in the description , but I agree they should be clickable directly on Tasks too.


This isn’t addressed yet. Can we please get this feature! It’s very frustrating.

Any updates on this topic? Can we have an official feedback from the Asana team?

This is very annoying not to be able to add/paste links. I’ve had complaints from many users and organizations.

Standard use case: More and more tools now offer the ability to copy a text with included hyperlink (Like: Task #24), but you lose the link when pasting into Asana. So you need to paste the link into the browser address bar, copy again the link itself, and paste in Asana. And you end up with a 10-line link that is polluting the thread. Example:



The custom text field will only open links on the computer. iOS and Android does not give you an option to click on the link or click an icon (like on desktop) to visit the link.

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