Ability to Add Link


When creating a task, having the ability to add a URL would be great. Perhaps the webpage in question, or a dropbox file, or another external resource.


hi @Richard_Getsz
this is already possible.
when you paste a link it becomes a hyperkink.
This works in Description or comment section (not in task name section)


Yes, however, what I wanted was a dedicated section so a very long URL would not mess up the rest of the sentence structure.


ok, We do use a custom field (Text) named “LINK” to keep track of our links.
If this can help.


I don’t see this when entering a task. It is none of the actions, nor in the More Actions. Please advise.


Do you have the premium version?
It’s a functionnality added when using Premium version.
See https://asana.com/fr/guide/help/premium/custom-fields


you have to be a premium member to add a link properly? Ok lol


I find it ironic that your community feedback page can accept Markdown, BBtext, and even provides a toolbar. So I can ask for a link in Asana USING a link in the feedback. But I can’t use a proper link in the tool. Come on… Asana does a thousand things well. Surely it can provide functionality that was built into the structure of the web 25 years ago.