Allow mailto: in hyperlinks

When creating a hyperlink in an Asana task, you cannot create a link because Asana automatically appends “https://” to the start of the link.

As a workaround, you can paste in an existing mailto: link, but if you try to edit the link, Asana will add https:// to the front and break the link.

I have to send a weekly email to someone and I decided to automate this in Asana as a recurring task with a mailto: link which will open an email to that person with the subject and body pre-written. I just need to drop in an attachment and get on with my day. I can paste this link into Asana, but if I want to edit it I have to do so outside of Asana and re-paste it. Here’s a video description if that wasn’t clear

This is partially a follow up to the hyperlinks thread Ability to insert hyperlinks - #21 by Maurice_Kindermann


Hi @Anthony_Tamalonis, thanks for providing this feedback :slight_smile:

Having tested this on my side, I can confirm that the jumplinks do work with others links! Simply include the email address in the custom field (exclude the mailto:) and you should be able to click the pop-out arrow :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

@Rebecca_McGrath thanks, that’s helpful to know I can put an email in a custom field and it creates a jump link. When I add ?subject=mysubject the jumplink seems to go away from the custom field. Is there any way to add parameters to an email address and still have a link?

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