Creating and Updating Tasks or Sub-Tasks Using Zapier

Is it possible to create a hyperlink in an Asana task or Asana sub task using Zapier?

We have been using Zapiers built in URL shortner tool to create short URL’s that can then be added to the Notes section of a task also using Zapier.

These shortned URL’s are then used when sending emails to clients as part of the process of completing the task in Asana, but we have run into issues with email clients tagging our emails as spam because of the shortned URL.

I looked at using a different service for the shortned URL’s and are aware that we can create sub/custom domains to create the URL’s but it would be nice to avoid having to pay for this service.

If we could just create hyperlinked text right in the create/update task/sub-task step in Zapier we wouldn’t even need to use a URL shortner at all. I have attached a screen shot of the Zapier step editing tool where we would want to add these hyperlinks.

Any suggestions or help appreciated. Thanks

Hi @john17
It has been a while since I used Zapier.
Are you aware that you can copy the URL, go to the task notes / description, select the text you want hyperlinked, and paste the URL you copied, the text will automatically become hyper-linked. There will be no long url visible. Would that help?

Do you mean in Asana or in the Zapier step? I am trying to automate this process since we have 100’s of these per month.

Oh I see. The feature I explained is directly in Asana itself not within zapier.

Right. I was aware of that feature. What would be great is if I could add the hyperlink HTML to Zapier and have it appear correctly in Asana. i.e. <“a href=” url “> link text </a”>


My hunch is that the problem is that Zapier exposes the notes field of a task but not the html_notes field, from the image you posted. notes is the plain-text representation; I think you’d really need to write to html_notes to add HTML elements like a hyperlink.

If there’s no way for Zapier to update html_notes, maybe take a look at Integromat? Perhaps they support updating that field…

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Thanks for the support, Phil! :pray:t3: