Ability to insert hyperlinks

Thank you all for your feedback and my apologies for not following up earlier on this thread. I don’t have any update to share at the moment on this specific topic, but I’ll make sure to post an update on this thread as soon as I do! We really appreciate all your feedback, and rest ensured that we’re keeping a close look on them to build our roadmap; you can learn more about this process in the following post.

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Hey Nick,
Currently using Trello and Google Docs (for processes and sheets).

The main reason I’m testing Asana is because I have a friend who has all of his SOPs in here, and he convinced me to try it. Although I already found some shortcomings with Custom Templates, that many are complaining about, and no one seems to respond. Same on their blog posts. Dozens of valuable customer feedback and no response from the team. Gives the impression of an abandoned project. So I’m already hesitant of getting my organization into a trap (so to speak).
But I still haven’t given up.
Some people have found workarounds to things, but that defeats the point of paying for the service.
I’m also going to test Process Street.
Thanks for the heads-up

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I’ve spent almost a day migrating from Zoho to Asana and I felt it’s much better. Then I get to read this thread and I’m thinking to myself what the hell did I just do?

How can you not have:

  1. Hyperlink implemented already?
  2. Not say anything about that?

I mean…why?

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Looks like I’m preaching to the converted here, but I just want to weigh in for the Asana Product Team. We’re currently trialling Asana (switching from Trello). Looks pretty good on first thoughts (although needs a Resource Mgmt feature), but I’m baffled that you can’t hyperlink text in description or comments.

Is there any timeline on rolling this out? Is it even on roadmap? 27 days of trial left.


Another one preaching to the choir. But this feature is strongly desired. We are talking about a classic example of a basic / must-be feature, that everybody expects nowadays and thus results in dissatisfaction if not provided.


Hi, we REALLY need to be able to insert hyperlinks into descriptions. It seems really odd to me that this isn’t something that hasn’t been built out yet, and it needs to be a higher priority. It’s making it really difficult for me to use Asana as a project management tool.


put some syntax or something. Trello allows you to hyper link with [Insert description](insert link). Throw us a bone Asana.


+1 for this feature

Asana looks just perfect until you realize you can’t insert hyperlinks with a cmd+K or ctrl+K. Can’t move my company to Asana if this is not a feature… as simple as that :frowning:

+1 I am uncertain why this kind of functionality still has not been implemented. It is practically a default feature to every WYSIWYG editor.

Google Maps Antarctica

Instead of


Wow pretty disappointing this basic feature is not yet available. I wanted to add some templates for my team to copy/paste which include links. No idea how I can use Asana now. Just signed up and so noticing so many basic features and requests are ignored. :frowning:

For everyone who is interested in hyperlinks… This other thread wants to add that and more, and has more support. Feature request: Markdown

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Wow still nothing?

Are there any plans to support anchor tags within description or comments? We use Gdrive a lot and being able to add a link to some text would make things a lot easier (and cleaner/prettier) for us than having to always see the f URL

This is a popular request.

You can support Markup here.

And specifically for URLs here.

One more thing.
When it comes to Google Drive. Asana already works with Google Drive with their feature allowing you to attach a file from Google Drive. It will automatically translate the URL to the title of the document.

cc @Marie

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Thanks for the mention @Vince_Mustachio, I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with Ability to insert hyperlinks :slight_smile:

As a Software Engineer, I am dealing with all kind of challenges every day. The ability to insert Hyperlinks seems so basic to me (from a coding point of view), that I really doubt that Asana takes feature requests seriously. I use Asana every single day at work, and whenever I insert a link, which spans over multiple lines, a part of me dies. Sure, using a shortlink service like bit.ly might be a workaround. But this is such a fundamental feature, that I can not recommend Asana for daily work.


Anchor Text would be game changer for asana. Unless there’s already a way to go about it. If so please let me know.

Pet peeve of mine as well.

There is already a topic with over 100 votes, you can support here.


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bump& vote for this essential feature…