Ability to insert hyperlinks

This is a needed feature that shouldn’t take 2 years to implement.

Wait this simple issue of not being able to insert hyperlinks isn’t done yet. Time to move onto a new platform then as Asana obviously doesn’t have the basics yet.

It’a amazing that Basecamp beat Asana to such a simple feature.

Why can we not add an anchor link in our tasks? This is crazy. Any update on WHEN this feature might be available? Like this one. People have been asking for this in the support forums… for YEARS.

Hi folks, and thanks for continuing to comment on this thread and add your votes. I know how popular this request is in the Forum, and while I can’t promise when it will be implemented, I can ensure you that I regularly relay your feedback to our Product Team.

I know this isn’t what you’re all looking for, but just in case you’re not aware about it, hyperlinks can already be used in Text Custom Fields. This allow you to open a link directly by clicking on the custom field (see screenshot below). Again, I’m aware this is not exactly what’s this thread is asking, but this is one step toward making Asana more hyperlink-firendly!

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It seems that this post misses the point. The only way it shows the “Visit Link” is when it is a true URL (i.e. http_:\).

We need to be able to follow a URI link. (i.e. C:\users\bob\documents\RequiredFeaturesNeededInAsana.txt)

The key would be to add a link within the description, not as a full URL, but as a bit of text linked to a url.

I’d love this feature as well. It would be very important in our documentation strategy.