Ability to insert hyperlinks

This is a needed feature that shouldn’t take 2 years to implement.

Wait this simple issue of not being able to insert hyperlinks isn’t done yet. Time to move onto a new platform then as Asana obviously doesn’t have the basics yet.

It’a amazing that Basecamp beat Asana to such a simple feature.

Why can we not add an anchor link in our tasks? This is crazy. Any update on WHEN this feature might be available? Like this one. People have been asking for this in the support forums… for YEARS.

Hi folks, and thanks for continuing to comment on this thread and add your votes. I know how popular this request is in the Forum, and while I can’t promise when it will be implemented, I can ensure you that I regularly relay your feedback to our Product Team.

I know this isn’t what you’re all looking for, but just in case you’re not aware about it, hyperlinks can already be used in Text Custom Fields. This allow you to open a link directly by clicking on the custom field (see screenshot below). Again, I’m aware this is not exactly what’s this thread is asking, but this is one step toward making Asana more hyperlink-firendly!


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It seems that this post misses the point. The only way it shows the “Visit Link” is when it is a true URL (i.e. http_:\).

We need to be able to follow a URI link. (i.e. C:\users\bob\documents\RequiredFeaturesNeededInAsana.txt)

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The key would be to add a link within the description, not as a full URL, but as a bit of text linked to a url.


I’d love this feature as well. It would be very important in our documentation strategy.

Currently shopping for a new PM tool and the lack of this basic feature plus the failure of Asana to properly respond to to the community is going to be a deal breaker for my agency.

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Same here, so frustrating. We have over a thousand users and we just made a decision to shut down Asana for our company. Too many missing basic features.

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Cannot find or access this “Text Custom Field” feature in my organizations, paid or otherwise. How is it accessed? Is it definitely rolled out to everyone?

Hi @Gudlaugur_Egilsson, “Text Custom Field” is one of the three Custom Field types (Drop-Down, Number, Text) available when creating a Custom Field.

If you choose the Text type, you will be able to enter URL links as explained in this article here.

I hope this helps!


Found it, tried it, did not work. The link icon you highlighted did not appear.

Interestingly, the feature you need is present here, in the editor for this comment, so its really easy to do here. Self referential link. You need to go to a developer, tell them exactly how embarrassing and business critical this situation is, show them the “Hyperlink” feature in the editor of comments in this forum. This is not rocket science, this has been available in pretty much every rich text web editor I’ve used in the last 15 years, until Asana. So why it was not included from the beginning it is pretty much beyond my comprehension. If me and my business end up leaving Asana, this will be a big contributing factor.


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Please bring in the use of Anchor Text/Hyperlinks. Would clean up interface and save screen real estate, especially when copy and pasting large/long links


Is this in the pipeline?

The lack of this feature is the biggest complaint I have with Asana. I am curious, have you used Basecamp? What are your thoughts? I am preparing to evaluate for my company.

Please let me format correctly my descriptions!!! We need to link stuff outside of Asana’s world!
Give us Google’s ctrl+k, or Trello-like syntax text - not ideal but better than nothing.

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+1 for hyperlinks in the description - we need this for our workflow.


Absolutely absurd that this feature is still not available.


Just found this thread as I discovered the inability to add links with anchor text in descriptions today. I will add my vote to what seems a futile campaign two years since this was first raised. We regularly link from tasks to procedures in our OneNote notebook, e.g. a task is auto-generated to follow an SOP that is documented in OneNote. The OneNote URLs are very long (as they are with other services like GDocs) and are also app URLs with onenote: instead of https: so there’s two needs here for us - ability to use anchor text, and ability to use custom/app URLs. Markdown support would seem the best way to implement this.