Rules to trigger due dates only in business days

I’ve set up some custom rules to change tasks due date to be due in X days based on priority, but this can have tasks due on a weekend. How do I change it so the rules are only looking at standard business days?

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I do not think this is currently possible, But I agree that this would be helpful.

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As @Paul_Grobler mentioned, this is currently not possible. I also agree it would be very useful! I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback to allow other users to vote for this suggestion! I would suggest you to upvote it! :slight_smile:

Please note I’ve slightly modified the title to make it more discoverable. I hope it’s OK
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agreed @Danielle_Rainey! being able to restrict workload and plan due dates to business days only would be great! right now it’s a lot of calendar checking and mental notes to work around this :frowning:

Nice idea. I am working on a « coolest Asana rules » and I’ll add yours to the list!

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I agree, a bit +1 from me here. It’s silly that we can create some automation to add due dates, but that it doesn’t calculate it in business days. Much as I love my job I’m not actioning work over the weekend. This ought to be an easy fix, so we hope to see it soon!

Great Idea, yes please.!