Rules to trigger due dates only in business days

I’ve set up some custom rules to change tasks due date to be due in X days based on priority, but this can have tasks due on a weekend. How do I change it so the rules are only looking at standard business days?

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I do not think this is currently possible, But I agree that this would be helpful.


Welcome to the Forum @Danielle_Rainey and thank you for reaching out!

As @Paul_Grobler mentioned, this is currently not possible. I also agree it would be very useful! I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback to allow other users to vote for this suggestion! I would suggest you to upvote it! :slight_smile:

Please note I’ve slightly modified the title to make it more discoverable. I hope it’s OK
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agreed @Danielle_Rainey! being able to restrict workload and plan due dates to business days only would be great! right now it’s a lot of calendar checking and mental notes to work around this :frowning:


Nice idea. I am working on a « coolest Asana rules » and I’ll add yours to the list!


I agree, a bit +1 from me here. It’s silly that we can create some automation to add due dates, but that it doesn’t calculate it in business days. Much as I love my job I’m not actioning work over the weekend. This ought to be an easy fix, so we hope to see it soon!


Great Idea, yes please.!

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+1 for this idea. We have SLOs from form submission that we track to which are based on business days.

What did you make the title? I don’t know how to find what you posted to upvote.

Is there any updates on this topic? I’m also very interested in this :slight_smile:

Hi Kim,

This is the thread you can upvote right here. Scroll to the top and click the purple “Vote” button.

Any status update on this?

Yes, we need this function… Any update on making this change


Asana please add this feature ASAP. It’s silly that it is not an option already. We all only work business days. I have to manually change things constantly that I have rules set for. So why even have a rule?

Isn’t Business days something that depends on countries, with some countries working Sunday? :thinking:

+1. Would love to see this implemented!

When adding a rule to reset work due date, it would be helpful to auto factor in weekends. Ex. if it takes 3 business days for our QA team to test a process, and it is sent to them on Thursday or Friday, a 3 day window is shortened to 1-2 business days.

In the “Actions” tab for “Set a Due Date”, the only option is to set it for a particular number of days in the future. I did vote to add this feature. Just wondering if anyone has a work around suggestions.



@Judy_Lanum - yes yes and a thousand times yes. Blocking weekends feature should be available throughout Asana. We need that so badly for me and most of my clients.

In the meantime, there’s the option of using (third-party add-on) that does a brilliant job of many automation features that Asana doesn’t yet support natively. If you have any questions, you can ping @Phil_Seeman (the founder and creator of Flowsana).


@Bry_ProjectKickstart Thank you very much! I will research this.