Option to hide weekends in timeline

Please, please, please integrate this feature! You are forcing me to pay for Instagantt just so I can skip/ignore weekends when I move a project timeline around. Why has it taken over a year?

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This is a pretty standard feature in nearly every Gantt/timeline-based project management tool I’ve worked with, so I’m very surprised to see that it’s not available in Asana. Since the initial post was made 18 months ago and no one from the Asana team has responded, is it safe to assume that they don’t plan to make this improvement?

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Clearly this is an important issue for many users, myself included and it’s troubling that there has been no response from Asana on this topic. My organization just recently began using the Asana platform but if this is typical of what we can expect then I will have to consider other options moving forward.

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I agree, this needs to be addressed ASAP and given as an option. please advise, Asana!

Yes, when projects have date schedules (5 days after, 10 days after, etc) like in every streamlined project this is a must! An IF/OR feature would be great to move dates to Friday OR Monday depending on what the user wants.

IF Saturday > Move to:
IF Sunday > Move to:

That could be a quick fix!