Timeline feature needs days of the week

I got quite excited when timeline came out but then I realized it doesn’t feature days of the week next to the dates. This is a little bit annoying when trying to plan a project in the timeline view as I have to keep checking the calendar to make sure I’m not planning work for my colleagues over the weekend. Would suggest adding letters to denote days of the week next to dates in the timeline view.

I noticed some pretty subtle shading for the weekends in the background of the timeline. It’s pretty hard to see without a premium monitor.

It would be nice to also have at least a “M” over Mondays in the date bar at the top or the weekends grayed out…


At first glance I hadn’t even noticed the “more-than-pretty-subtle” shading!!! I agree with you @Brian_Glick: visually, it would certainly change everything if the shading was darker.


Meanwhile, you can connect your Asana with Instagantt and there you’ll get days, weekends, etc.
It’s very easy because the timelines are in sync, but of course I’ld like to have that simple feature included in the internal Asana’s timeline.
Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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Would love to have this feature within Asana timeline. Thank you!

Please change this! The color difference is to smalle and sounds like an easy fix :slight_smile:



Time-lines seem great, but the weekend things is indeed quite frustrating! Can you please make the weekend shade darker? Currently this is quite frustrating as it lengthens planning times…


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I’ve taken to creating ‘tasks’ that are simple labels to show the weeks. Until Asana makes the weekend visual clue a bit more pronounced (I just can’t see it unless I mess with the monitor settings) I must clutter a project with non-task tasks.

I did exactly the same and saved myself so much headache of looking back and forth between calendars etc.

Is it possible to add “Days of the Week” to the Timeline header?


@Rebecca_McGrath will probably move your suggestion to the Product Feedback category!

Take care.

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Hi @Sean_Cochran1, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to see days of the week in Timeline. I have gone ahead and move your post to the existing thread in our #productfeedback category to consolidate feedback!

I would also really like this product feature, it is quite annoying to plan without it.