Option to hide weekends in timeline

I just got RSI from moving projects across weekends :man_facepalming:

Yes we need this.

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This is important functionality. Is there any update on whether this is being considered? Our project timelines often span 4 months. Weekends are eating up a lot of time, taking it away from the various departments. Our last PM software automatically excluded weekends. I didn’t even think to check as it’s such basic functionality.

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@Marie can we get an update from the Asana Community team? This request has been active for a few years with no response. Thank you in advance.


Would definitely love to see this feature as well, in addition to others that seem to go ignored in these forums, such as subtasks on the timeline. These are really basic functionality items for any software designed for project management, and I can only hope some of these are implemented.

I’d like to add another vote for this feature, I think it would be really useful to make the timeline more accurate since our group does not generally work on weekends.

Up vote! This would truly be a helpful feature.

You must be kidding me - 2 years and still nothing happen! ?

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This feature is the most frustrating thing for our project managers by far.

Please bring this feature in!


Would love to see this functionality as well. Weekends are not part of our team’s working schedule.

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On a technical project level we are using Asana. Our organisational level doesn’t want to use Asana because of the inconvenience of the weekend that messes up the timeline of the projects when shifting and rescheduling.

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I totally agree, havign to manually adjust for weekends is a terrible hassle and renders timeline virtually unusable. :frowning: Please do implement this feature!


Please update this. This is required for PM tools

Hi Asana team, this feature request has been around since 2018. Any update on this?

Our team just switched over from another PM tool and surprised to discovered this isn’t a feature. We started to regret the switch due to missing critical features, such as block out weekend/holidays, can’t view sub-task in timeline, block out PTOs, etc…


it seems like there is no update on this issue even though the thread has started in 2018, very unfortunate. Removing weekends from the plan is one of the basic functionalities of a PM tool. Like this I can’t use it.

I hope we will see this feature soon.

Also in need of this feature.