Option to hide weekends in timeline

We just paid for the upgrade especially to use this timeline feature and was really disappointed to find out that we can’t move around long running tasks easily because of the weekends, making this tool worse than the excel spreadsheet we were using before. How disappointing.


Same here, we moved from Excel to make our job with scheduling project easier, but moving tasks in the timeline is a nightmare with weekends in the middle. Thank you for considering this feature.


This feature is very needful especially when the making timelines templates… it is very difficult to plan in the weekends too

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you have got to be kidding me. this thread is from 2018 and still no response from asana. what a joke, this is actually pathetic

Asana, Please…
A PM Shouldn’t have to be busy moving tasks around manually because of weekends…

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Hi Asana team! I understand that timelines are automatically extended when a task is moved to cover a weekend, and do not automatically reduce back to the original duration when shifted again. I also understand this is the way the format is intended to work (shared links below to closed threads discussing this). Unfortunately, this adds a ton of work, as many folks have mentioned above.

I can see hiding weekends as a fantastic solution for this. If we do not include weekends, timelines do not auto extend or have a need to be reduced.

Alternately, is there an option to set the duration as a set number of business days rather than a date range? Then those business days never change, and skip weekends when need be.

This would be a huge benefit both from my personal use case and based on the comments I see above. Thank you!

Links to the discussions referenced above:

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@Morgan_Kingsland +1!