Timeline view - how to block weekends?

We are running into some issues with Asana’s timeline view and wanted to see if there is a work around. I would think we should be able to specify it to block/not include weekend for timeline planning. I understand that there is no option to turn off weekends in Asana right now. Any tips would be great!

You can’t block them indeed, what you could do to see them easily is to create a lane (section) at the top and create 2-days tasks for the weekends. Would that help?

Hi @Shafaq_Presswala :wave:t3:

@Bastien_Siebman shared a great workaround to better identify and exclude weekends from your timeline planning. If you haven’t yet, I would also recommend you to upvote Option to hide weekends in timeline!

@Bastien_Siebman thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t think that solves the issue. For example I have a task for Thursday/Friday, and a new task for Monday Tuesday. If I push the whole block back 3 days, I now have a task Monday/Tuesday, a weekend Weds/Thurs, and a new task Friday/Saturday.

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