Do we have a way of avoiding Weekends on things like Relative Due Dates yet?


I’m still struggling dealing with having relative due dates from Task Templates dropping on common-sense days that just aren’t workable. If there’s a solution implemented, I’ve definitely missed it.

I use as many as 25 task templates per day, some of them with rather elaborate dependencies built into a string of subtasks. I spend way more time moving things off the weekends and onto the following week than you’d think you have to.

This seems kinda “default” to me. Asana caters directly to businesses, a great many of which don’t operate on weekends (especially corporate structures).

We really need a way to avoid this. We also need a way of avoiding common holidays for our regions.

I know this thread exists elsewhere, this isn’t a new idea.

hey @Matt5 !
There is a post and a whole petition on doing that addressed to the Asana team:). Looking forward to having this feature added one day.

Actually that Product Feedback request is relating to weekends in the timeline. Here’s one specifically relating to skipping weekends in task templates:

Also, @Matt5, I know it’s a change from using task templates but one workaround would be to use rules to add the tasks/subtasks; if you use the Add Tasks or Add Subtasks rule action in our Flowsana integration, we have the ability to skip weekends:


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I feel we shouldn’t have to have Flowsana to do this… thoughts?