How to shift an project timeline

Does anyone know how to shift an entire project timeline? I have created a very detailed project lasting 16 weeks to cover all planning aspects leading up tp an event. The event, however, will now take place later in the year and rather than move each task timeline individually is there a way to shift the entire project timeline, shifting all of the task deadlines in one go?

Portability is possible for dependent tasks as far as I know. More details Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana

I would be glad if someone suggests another solution.

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Hi @Samantha_Munns, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Adding to what @Vera_Sonina mentioned, you can also multi-select tasks in Timeline view and drag them to the desire date in the future. This will allow you to reschedule dates at once, however, you will still may need to adjust to dates if they are scheduled during weekends. (41)

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@Emily_Roman just beat me to the punch with her multi-select in Timeline which I was about to mention.

I’m sure @Phil_Seeman will want to chime in on extra flexibility Flowsana offer.


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Thanks, Larry!

Asana has the two solutions that have been mentioned above. Additionally, Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust Workflow will automatically adjust dates of dependent tasks when you move a precedent task.

Honestly if this is just a one-time need to move things, you’re probably better off using one of those two Asana solutions. If you’ll have an ongoing need to shift dependent tasks, then I’d recommend looking at Flowsana (note: I’m its author).

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Thanks so much. All comments have been very helpful.


If your project is a long chain of dependant tasks, you could also move the first task (from the Timeline view) and everything else should be pushed as a result.