Changing all the dates of a project

Basically, I’m managing projects that have 60 or more tasks associated with them and multiple people are assigned different tasks. We use custom templates with end-dates and all the assigned dates work backward from that end-date. In some cases we have to “push” a project by a week or two and need to change the dates for each task. It can take more time than I care to give it.
In a case like that, is there a way to change all the dates (from the current date) by 7 days or 14 days?

@Derek_AM, If you’re on a paid plan, you can use Timeline view: Drag-select around the set of tasks to pushed out, then drag any one of them to the right to reschedule all of them as a unit relatively.


This works with a small set of tasks. For instance, if I’m at the tail end of a project, I can just select a group of tasks and move them but if I’m at the beginning or even in the middle of a project, this is not an option as the view only allows me to zoom out by weeks, months, etc (which is horizontal) but not by the number of tasks (which is vertical).

@Derek_AM, Two alternatives:

  1. In Timeline, at least on a MacBook Air trackpad, I’m able to scroll and extend the selection vertically (though it takes a little dexterity!), or

  2. Another approach is in List view. See and scroll to the section titled Shift multiple due dates in a list which explains how to move an arbitrary multi-selected set of tasks all a day forward or backward repeatedly.


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Hi @Derek_AM

I think @Phil_Seeman has a solution that can move task dates for a project… Am i correct Phil?


Yes, @Jason_Woods, thanks for the mention!

Hi @Derek_AM - are your project tasks constructed with dependencies? If so, the Auto-Adjust workflow type of my Flowsana integration can help you. If you change the date of a task with dependent tasks, Flowsana will automatically shift the dates of all of its dependent tasks by the same number of days (and this will flow down through a chain of dependencies).