Automatically adjust Project due date when adjusting tasks dates (and keep record of Original to accomplish Baseline)

Hi Guys,

I wanted to request the automatic updating of Project due dates. We now have some great tools such as dependency auto-adjust based on moving due dates, as well as @Phil_Seeman excellent tool Flowsana that fills some gaps where Asana’s native time adjustments are not complete.

I am just getting into Asana and as I look at these great tools and see how much benefit that could provide to my team as we try to execute on Product Plans, and have delays or otherwise have the actual Project Completion vary from the original Plan. However, I’ve noticed that the actual project dates do not move with these dynamic task date adjustments..

I think it would be great if the due date simply moved along as the last task’s due date moves with these various auto-scheduling tools. It seems funny that even though with Timeline you can move a project’s tasks with terrific automation, the overriding Project’s due date is stuck where it started.

Along with this we should have a simple display comparing this new due date to the original one, giving us a great Baseline view. This would be a great addition to the Project Progress screen, which is a major plus of Asana. This could also be reflected in Portfolios in the summary of Projects to provide a big fundamental of Project Management visible on these two screens!

If this is essentially something that belongs in this thread below, please go ahead and merge. I sifted through those posts and did not explicitly see a request to move the due date when tasks’ due dates move outside of that, so I thought I’d add a discreet request.

Thank you for the consideration!

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