Feature request: Ability to revise dates on multiple tasks at once

I work in a job function and industry where tasks and projects are often cyclical, and I create new projects based on templates and past projects. I keep the dates so I retain the timing

Just as you can select multiple tasks and change the assignee, or project, or tag them in any number of ways en masse, it would be great if we could select multiple tasks (even ones due on different dates) and easily push the date forward/back from their current dates**.

So you’d select tasks (50 max) and see something that looks like this: “Move selected tasks (CHOICE:) forward/back by (FILL IN #:) ___ (CHOICE:) week/month/day/year.”

If there isn’t already a date on a task you’ve selected, it defaults to no date still, or whatever time period you select from today’s date.

I know that recurring tasks exist, and I do use these, but projects are so large and sections are broken up in such a way that having hundreds of recurring tasks would be way cluttered and unhelpful.



Hi @Lendon_Ebbels and thanks for the feedback,

We recently released an auto-shift due date that you might be interested in: Auto-shifting dependency dates is now available on all projects!

@Phil_Seeman would Flowsana be helpful in @Lendon_Ebbels situation?

Alas, there’s nothing in Flowsana that will solve this particular need.

@Lendon_Ebbels, Until your request is implemented, just checking to see if you were aware of these two existing approaches to change multiple due dates at once; not perfect but perhaps could help:

The #1 approach is described more clearly here:


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Thanks everyone! None of these are quite what I’m looking for, but appreciate the help!


Hi there,

There is currently no way with the basic plan to shift the due date of multiple tasks all at once.

For example, the ability to push all the tasks in a project one week later than their original due date.

Would like to raise this as a feature request.
If others would benefit from this or have anything to add please comment.


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Hi @Joel_Racine. thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Feature Request: Shift the Due Date of multiple tasks at once to centralize feedback. Some community forum members have also shared some workarounds in the main thread :slight_smile:

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Started using Asana basic today - was the feature request in this thread ever implemented? Looking to be able to select multiple Tasks and shift all of them forward or backward by a set number of days.

For example, if I have Task 1, Task 2, and Task 3 due Mon, Tue, and Wed, I need to be able to shift the dates of 1/2/3 to Thu/Fri/Sat in one fell swoop. Without this feature, I’ll need to change to a different app.

Would be grateful for your feedback.


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I could really use this feature! Monday has it…not sure why Asana does not, as it is a critical need for project management. Projects shift constantly!