Moving due dates massively

Hi all, I have raised a question in the slack channel:

Question: Does anyone know if there is a way to bulk edit tasks? For example, if I want to push out all due dates by 5 days, can I do that?

Response 1: Only in timeline view by dragging them (maybe in Gantt as well).
Response 2: You can change up to 50 tasks at once via multi-select (

My response: Thanks both! Do you know if it’s something that
Asana is going to improve? Because it will be very useful for pushing back due dates in case the project has to be moved some days or weeks. Because what the response 1 is saying doesn’t work with the subtask due dates for each task and its limited for only 50 tasks.

So is it something that can be added? I am sure that more than one user has a project that needs to be pushed, and there isn’t a way to move the due dates all at once.



Totally agreed, I have to use a workaround where I created date shifting tasks to which every task of the project is dependent. I can then use the “Update” due date option with the dependency management options turned to “maintain buffer”.

Since there’s a limited number of dependencies for each of theses tasks and most of our projet templates have more then 500 tasks, I have to create a bunch of these “date shifting tasks” and regroup as subtasks of a main “controler” that, when updated, changes the dates for the whole projet.

It’s a hustle because every task that is added to our template has to come with a dependency to these date shifters.

@Elia_Munoz_Cobian just a heads up for your second point - I believe this limit will be increased significantly in the very near future, so hopefully that specifically will no longer be a blocker.