[Tool] Shift all dates of a project by a number of days


By now you might already know the little tools we put together at iDO.

We just released a new tool called “Date shifter” allowing you to shift all incomplete tasks within a project by a given number of days.

Let me know if it is useful!


This isn’t useful. It’s stupendously useful!

We frequently need to revise project end dates in projects that contain close to 400 tasks. Just last week, I created an Excel file that I named DueDateRecalculatorTool.xlsx tool to calculate old/new task due dates based on the number of days between the current project due date and the new project due date:

Then, each task in Asana must be revised manually. Although what you’ve developed does not appear(?) to shift due dates for subtasks, we will gladly adjust those by hand (which in a way makes me happy because it means that my little Excel tool will still be useful!)

Nice work on this!

Wow amazing if it is already useful. I am note sure about subtasks anymore, I’ll let you check and confirm, I’ll update the wording depending on the answer!

Make sure to run the tool on a duplicate test project first :slight_smile:

I just tested this. This is something we’ve been needing as well! However, it appears subtasks dates do not shift. Can this be added as an improvement to the tool?

Good news: the tool now shifts subtasks as well! @Lara_Strain @Reuben_Dismukes


This is great! I don’t see the ability to skip weekends, however. Will that feature be rolled out in the future or am I missing a step? Thanks!

I could add the feature indeed. I’ll let you know.
(fyi it will probably be a paid feature of the tool)

This is amazing! Thanks

I just tried it and my COMPLETED tasks also changed. Is there something wrong ?

thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for catching this, when I resolved the issue around subtasks I forgot to carry over this part! :heart: fixed now

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That’s great Bastien, thank you :slight_smile:

A big thank you to @Lara_Strain who helped identified a bug, the tool was not working correctly if the project had more than 50 tasks. :pray:

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The tool now includes the ability to skip week-ends! (this is a paid feature, accessible with a token, giving you access to all our iDO tools advanced features)

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