Linked Dates (dependent Tasks)



Hi, I need to link all due-dates of the tasks and subtasks, to the startdate of the project, how can i do that?


So you want the due date for a task to be like “+2 days after the project start date”?


Yes Bastien, exactly that. I have the same project that begins each month and has a 8 month duration, the project has all it’s tasks depending on the starting date.

I want to duplicate it and just change the start date every month.


@bruno1 I am not aware how to do that inherently in Asana but why don’t you set up a CSV import and use date math in an Excel spreadsheet. There are plenty of Date commands that can even avoid weekends. Here is an example

Project Templates- Dynamic Due Dates (T+)

Ok, about the excel i know how to handle the dates, i didn’t know that i could import a project, or tasks from a csv file. How can i import? I didn’t find where i can import a CSV. Can u help me with this?


Nevermind @James_Carl, i found where it is, thank you for helping


Yeah, this’d be nice, but nope.

There’s a workaround to mass-adjust dates (something like sort a project by date, select a bunch of tasks, and hold tab or command or something and up/down to increment/decrement by day). Really hacky and of limited use, but it’s… something.


Really would love this feature and would even pay more for it. Really don’t like asking my team to manually push dates out for every time we clone a project. It adds another task and creates room for errors.

I even have it as a task in all Projects to move out the dates manually (that feels a bit ridiculous for PM software in 2018. :slight_smile:


Just clone the project and save as template, then when you apply the template as a new project, go to timeline view, click with mouse curser and drag across all items to select them all then drag them to the relevant start date. It will move everything whilst keeping the dates the relative time apart.