Cascading Task Due Dates

I’m really enjoying Asana! This is a powerful tool and my team is getting very into it. We’re currently developing some custom Project templates that we can clone for each successive project that we take on with similar configuration. To that end, it would be great if we could set up tasks to have cascading deadlines, i.e. Task X is always due one week after Task Y. Is that feasible?

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Yes, this is a feature of project templates.

You can assign relative due dates for tasks. They will either be relative to the start date of the project or the due date of the project.

In your example, you’d want to use the start date of the project as your basis. Task Y could be due, say, 2 weeks after the start date, and Task X 3 weeks after the start date. That would make X due a week after Y.

See Setting project dates for a custom template.



Thank you for this information! This is a really useful tool, but I noticed it’s all relative to the Project start/end date. I’d like for tasks to have cascading due dates relative to each other rather than the project itself as a whole.

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Until that feature becomes available, you can consider this:

Using this approach I mentioned, task dates are both relative to each other (which you want) and based on the start date (which you don’t want).

So after project creation, you can go into Timeline view, multi-select all those tasks which are spaced properly but on the wrong dates, and shift them all at once to be on the correct date. The relative positions will remain intact.

That’s the best you can do at the moment.

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