If I set the due time for the first one, can Asana automatically set the due times for the other tasks?

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When I create a new project using a template, some tasks are connected to each other, and there is a period of time between them. If I set the due time for the first one, can Asana automatically set the due times for the other tasks?

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HI @Muhammad1,

The short answer is yes.

When utilizing a project template, Asana will automatically calculate all due dates based off the start date or end date entered for the project (depending on which you select in the setup). In order for this to happen, it requires setting the relative due date for all tasks in the template itself. This does not require dependencies between tasks, just that relative due dates were assigned in the project template.


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Thank you for replying, according to your answer, due dates will be connected with the project start date. can I change that to make dependencies between tasks’ due dates? Can I change the real project start date to a fake one?

No, If task B is due 5 days after task A and task B is dependent on task A you still need to calculate the number of days task B needs to be completed from the start OR end date (depending on your template settings).

In templates you use relative time. When creating a project from a template you can use any date you’d like.

Or end date, it depepends on your project setup.

Here is more information on how templates work.

in addition to the above if you do set the project up from a template with the correct buffer between tasks and programmed dates, and have dependencies, then update a task it will update all dependent tasks.

FYI @Muhammad1 you can do the relative dependency structuring you mention with the Dynamic Duration Workflow type in our Flowsana integration.

Sorry @Phil_Seeman – I’m always trying to give you a shoutout. Didn’t realize this worked with templates!

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how can I have the dates update as mentioned if we didn’t use a template project to start with.
Is it just the same and triggered off of the project due date?

Hello, I am new to Asana. Is there a video tutorial that shows users how to add “dates to auto populate” in a template?