Setting up templates with start and end date dependency.

I’m trying to set up templates for managing our real estate transactions. We have task templates already build out, just trying to put them in Asana. The problem is, there are many tasks dependent on the project start date (execution of a contract) and many dependent on the project end date (closing of the property). There can be anywhere from 14 days to multiple years between the start and end, so just basing tasks in a template off of one of these dates often does not get the job done. Any way to accomplish this? If I can set up the template with only the execution-dependent tasks on the front end, and then somehow add a batch of tasks with relative due dates in relation to the end date that would work but don’t know the best way to do that.

Hi @ChandlerCatron, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

When creating a project from a custom template, you must choose either a start or end date to make use of the relative due date function. It’s not possible to schedule relative due dates without either of these. I recommend taking a look at our Help Guide for further info:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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