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Can you create a template? I’m trying to use Asana to manage the life cycle of a contract. Many of the contracts share similar tasks, due dates and such will vary.

Yes you can :wink:
All is explained here:


Thank you! I’m in the process of creating a custom project template. My timelines all center around a contract date. Is there a way to create a task due date that is a predetermined number of days after a prior event? Example. I get a new contract with a Contract Date of 7/1/19. I have to provide an inspection report and addendum to the contract no later than 14 days after contract and this will be the same on 90% of my contracts. Rather than pick a date of 7/15/19 can I select 14 days after ____?

@Mark_Novak, I’m pretty sure this is exactly what you need:

which was announced here:

I had trouble finding this in the Asana Guide searching for a few terms, so I can understand why you wouldn’t have come across it even following the previously-recommended link.

Hope that helps,


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Thank you so much, I do appreciate your willingness to assist. I am unable to get any help from Asana directly and their courses aren’t covering my concerns. I created a project and applied my custom template, I picked a start date (Date of Contract Acceptance) and an end date (Settlement Date) however, none of my tasks have a due date? How do I create a task in the template that is a predetermined number of days from the start date or before the end date… Some task are required a week before closing… so I couldn’t use number of days after contract because the contract period ranges from 14 days to 60+. so in one instance a task due 7 days before closing could occur on day 7 or day 53.

With this feature you can either use the project start or end date, and the other date is calculated; you can’t do both.

Perhaps you need one template for each duration, then when a new contract comes along, pick the right template for it?

Or maybe you need which was mentioned in the last post? cc @Phil_Seeman


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Damn… that sucks. I really like the features and the look of Asana. Would be so simple too, just create a due date that is a number of days before or after. Guess I have to keep looking. It’s just not feasible for me to create a template for every possible date range as every deal is so different. I currently have 16 deals in process with escrows that range from 19 days to over 90 days in length.

@Phil_Seeman I’m trying to play around with the Flowsana but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be creating the project on Asana or Flowsana?

Hi @Mark_Novak, no problem - I’ll send you a Personal Message with some more info so we don’t take up space on the public Asana forum (although they are very supportive of Flowsana! :slight_smile: )